Neil Hughes

Hughes is offering these events for free to schools and charities that are otherwise unable to pay. And the plan goes further… They’d also like to create resources to share more widely. Partly this’ll be out of necessity – there’ll be times when, say, schools are closed or on exams, and they won’t be able to fill the budgeted speaking slots for that time. And they’ll use that opportunity to create awesome mental health content. They already write about mental health, but they’ve long dreamed of being able to justify devoting proper time to creating YouTube videos or podcasts or interactive web experiences, and more. Instead of trying to prove their anxiety wrong by being perfect (which, if they’re honest, they find quite difficult to achieve), they find it easier to demonstrate to themselves that being imperfect is rarely the actual end of the world. They’d like to take your support seriously, and there’ll always be something to show for it – whether live events or online content. And, of course, if you support them, you’ll have a say in the direction this grows in! Together they can build amazing resources for anxiety and mental health. They’ll regularly seek your input, send you amusing stories, and together they can refine the plan as they go.

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