Neurodivergent Narratives

Neurodivergent Narratives

Neurodivergent Narratives is Sandra and they are generally writing their heart out on Instagram about the unique experiences of neurodivergent persons from a lens of intersectionality while sharing tools to promote self-acceptance and personal growth. As an Educational Specialist, neurodivergent peer coach, teacher and training narrative therapist, they have a lot of info to give, and what they love to do more than anything is to help others see their own power in what they write, create and share in their experiences. That’s why this space is here. It’s a safe space where we can learn together about what we need to live at our best sharing ideas, stories and workarounds. Ill also be adding lots of extras including: longer written work, short courses, mini actionable exercises, regular Q&A sessions and more! Can’t wait to see you inside.

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