Nick’s Whip Shop

Nick's Whip Shop

Nick’s Whip Shop is a community that exists to share the love of whip making through high quality, in depth instructional videos. Nick has been making whips for 7 years, accidentally discovering it through a (failed) experiment to capture the crack of a whip with a high speed camera. Once Nick patched together his first whip for this video, he became fascinated with the art of whip making, which led him to start Nick’s Whip Shop. Nick has been fortunate to enjoy great Youtube success with one of his early tutorial videos going viral. This propelled him to continue to make more and more Youtube videos, specifically focusing on tutorials. Nick is on Patreon to raise support for these tutorial videos, both for the purpose of expanding his capacity to create more and better videos, but also to give him the freedom to focus on the things that are important to him.

Find Nick’s Whip Shop online:


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