Nicolas Bras

Nicolas Bras

Nicolas Bras is a multi instrumentalist and homemade instrument builder from Paris, France. They’ve been making instruments for 15 years now and their life is shared between live concerts, talks and master-classes, workshops, travels, composition, instrument creation and video creation. They’d love to make more video content and share tutorials, music and workshop creations, for now they do all this by themselves. They start a Patreon to support their video production and help them get a team, a video editor, a sound engineer, and share with their patrons more high quality content. They will regularly share on this patreon the blueprints and measurements of all their new creations, some extra tutorials, but also sample packs made with their homemade instruments, and separate tracks from their new compositions, to sample it or remix it. Patrons will also have an exclusive access to their new Ebook Building PVC Pipes Instruments. They got a lot to share with us, so hope to talk with us soon.

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