Obscura Undead

Obscura Undead

Obscura Undead is a community focused project founded by DJs Maus and Azy of Tampa with three primary objectives aimed at bringing our community together. They know how intimidating and difficult it can be to meet new people, to keep up with relevant news, and to stay on top of new music. So they are connecting goths and alternative music lovers to each other offline via community meetups and hangouts in the Tampa area where they are based. They also put on music nights locally that focus primarily on new and obscure music. Online, they have their Obscura Undead Facebook group where they post music and band news, do giveaways of new music, and plan how they can do even more for the community they love. On their website, obscuraundead.com, they have passionate volunteers from all around the world writing music reviews, news pieces, show reviews, and lifestyle posts. They are now branching out into YouTube to be able to deliver visual content to their community focused on news reporting, music reviews, and more. Eventually with your support, they would like to be able start a music discussion roundtable series where they bring in knowledgeable guests to give their opinions on various releases. They would like to eventually be able to do guest interviews with artists, DJs and other creators in their scene as well.

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