onemoremochalatteplease is an illustrator who recently decided to start a Patreon to help others improve their art. They plan to share their journey, their daily routine of how they improve, the tutorials they follow, the classes they take, the advice they gather. They hope others will benefit from this by improving their own art alongside them. Art has been a part of their life ever since they can remember. From drawing on walls to covering the homework margins (and then some) with doodles and characters and creatures, they have only developed stronger feelings for art with age (sometimes those strong feelings are hatred and frustration, but that’s normal :p ). They pursued a degree in Communication Design, and got a Distinction Award for their thesis work that was a fully illustrated comic book about animal rights. Currently, they’re working as a full-time freelance illustrator, with some design work on the side. They mainly work on the iPad Pro, on Procreate, but the information they share will be applicable to Photoshop and other softwares as well.

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