Paige and Holly

Paige & Holly header image featuring an illustration of a headshot of Paige and Holly. They're a young, white, lesbian couple, both with long golden blonde hair.

Paige and Holly are a lesbian couple from Canada who make video content online. They started on YouTube in 2018 with no real aim or direction – just for fun! Since then, they have been lucky enough to foster a little community they like to call their “PHamily”. Over the past 2 years, they have juggled full-time work, school, and created videos on the side. They discovered a passion with YouTube and recently (finally) made the decision to pursue video-creation full-time. Now, the aim of their content is to make people laugh, and inspire people in the LGBTQ community to feel more confident and comfortable with themselves. They also advocate ending the stigma surrounding mental health, and spread awareness that it is okay to not be okay.

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