PDF Jazz Club and Arranging Class

PDF Jazz Club and Arranging Class

Jazz Club and Arranging Class is Jim Martin. They have been involved with a few different music websites since 2003. They created PDFjazzmusic.com over 15 years ago with the sole purpose of offering pro and amateur jazz groups access to quality charts at very reasonable prices. They created Jazzarrangingclass.com in 2009 for those that are interested in learning about jazz arranging tips and techniques, and PDFjazzclub.com for their long time customers. Jim has decided to simplify things by combining these sites into one secure and solid place by creating this Patreon page. Here you will find all sorts of jazz arranging tutorials, as well as the ability to download charts (PDF, Finale, Sibelius, XML files) that Jim produces for different size jazz groups. For as little as $5/month, you will have the opportunity to study and learn about a variety of jazz arranging and jazz theory topics, individual arrangers and their methods/techniques – as well as have the opportunity to download professionally written jazz combo, 10 piece, and big band charts – a library of music you can use with your amateur or professional jazz groups.

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