Philosophy Tube

Philosophy Tube

Philosophy Tube is British actress Abigail Thorn, who decided to provide free lessons in Philosophy (she has a Masters in said topic) on YouTube when England tripled college tuition rates in 2012. Fast forward to 2021 and the channel has over 900,000 subscribers thanks to Thorn’s acting chops, comedic talent and extremely sharp mind capable of making philosophy interesting and downright fun. Thorn is trans and even incorporated her transition into the channel’s content. In 2019, Thorn hosted a livestream on Twitch in which she read plays from the Complete Works of Shakespeare for the mental health charity Samaritans which she attributes with saving her life. If you don’t feel significantly smarter after watching Philosophy Tube, you either slept through the video or you’re even more of a Philosophy geek than Abigail Thorn.

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