Plateau Astro

Plateau Astro

Plateau Astro is Trevor Kjorlien. He lives in the Plateau in Montréal, one of the most light-polluted cities in the world. It’s also where he teaches the sky. When we think of astronomy, we often imagine going far outside of the city to avoid light pollution and looking at the night sky. While it’s an incredible place to enjoy astronomy, it’s inaccessible to many people. It’s Trevor’s mission to teach as much about the sky in the place that we live. He teaches about the sky in outdoor, small-group workshops. See the Full Moon rise on top of Mont-Royal, learn how to spot the planets with the naked eye and a telescope, watch the International Space Station fly overhead, and much more. He creates videos teaching astronomy using Montréal as a tool. Curious why the sunrise changes location through the year? A view on top of Mont-Royal can teach you about that! Sometimes, a topic will reach the mainstream and folks will ask about it. Trevor uses Facebook and Instagram Live to teach about that topic in fun and unique ways. He also writes about astronomy and space on his blog

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