Plots & Plans

Plots & Plans

Plots & Plans is after decades of pen and paper roleplaying, they’ve just started making battle maps and world maps for their own D&D campaigns for use on roll20 and other virtual table tops, and want to share these along with some plot ideas to help those who love to run games but are too busy to come up with everything from scratch. They’ve been running campaigns on and off for about 35 years and have also done a fair bit of fiction writing over the years so have a decent idea of how to construct an environment for players to play in. They aim to generate maps and plot ideas to go along with them for people to use. They’d love for you to support them in this, and ultimately they’d love to be able to do this full-time. For now, they aim to do one to two maps per month, which may be battle maps or world maps, with the majority being battle maps. They hope to be able to take requests too to help you out with what you’re trying to do in your campaigns.

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