POWER NOT PITY logo, a flat black and white illustration of a the traditional wheelchair icon with a superhero cape flowing off the back of the chair occupant and flames coming off the wheel.

POWER NOT PITY is a podcast by Bri M, a Black, Jamaican, disabled, non-binary queer person who loves telling stories. Bri started the podcast to help address a dire lack of media created about disabled people of color. POWER NOT PITY amplifies the voices of the disabled people of color community everywhere. Using candid interviews, analysis and commentary, the podcast aims to open a door to the principles of disability justice which include interconnectedness and a drive to seek a better world, and to engage with more disabled people of color on a genuine level. Bri is committed to interjecting disability justice in any conversation ze has and loves to cultivate collaborative energy with cultural workers, writers, artists and storytellers within zir community.

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