Regine Sawyer

Regine Sawyer

Regine L. Sawyer is an American comics writer, editor, and founder of Women in Comics NYC Collective International. She is the author of The Rippers, Eating Vampires and Ice Witch. She is owner, writer, and creator for Lockett Down Productions (LDP), a small press company that employs all-female comic book artists with an emphasis on women of color. She moderated the Women in Comics Panel at San Diego Comic Con in 2017. LDP Publications has published several comics: The Rippers, Ice Witch, and Eating Vampires which are all written and created by Sawyer. Women in Comics NYC Collective International or “WinC” is dedicated to giving a voice to women who work in the comic book industry and helping them better brand themselves and promote their projects.

Excerpted from Sawyer’s Wikipedia entry.

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