Reina del Cid

Reina del Cid group photo Reina and her four bandmates seated on the floor with their backs against a weathered red brick wall.

Reina del Cid writes songs and tells stories. She’s an English major nerd with a penchant for sci-fi tv shows, Virginia Woolf, fine chocolate, coffee at any time of day or night, and good whiskey (neat). She’s also a YouTuber. She’s been posting her songs and covers to her channel since almost the beginning of YouTube. She releases a new video most Sundays. Sometimes it’s a cover of a song she likes, or it’s a new original tune she’s been working on. Many feature guitarist extraordinaire, Toni Lindgren—sometimes the rest of her bandmates too, and occasionally other special guests. Covers include popular hits like “Hotel California” by The Eagles, “She Drives Me Crazy” by Fine Young Cannibals, “Harvest Moon” by Neil Young and many more.

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