RemyRaccoon is Remy, who makes video game reviews (and other fun stuff) on YouTube. In these videos, Remy uses a somewhat exaggerated caricature of himself to look at a whole bunch of different games, both new and old. Remy has been making these kinds of videos on-and-off since mid 2014 but recently seems to have hit his stride, going from “uploading on occasion” to putting all his effort into these videos and releasing multiple videos a month. Remy says these videos are incredibly fun to make, and thankfully people enjoy them, which is a nice little bonus. However, trying to build and manage a YouTube channel is a lot of hard work. Most of Remy’s time is spent recording footage, and editing that footage on a slow-ish laptop, which can make the process time consuming. As well as that, considering how long these videos can get, it can be a very time- and cost-consuming process. Reviewing games that are not only brand new releases but also rare and hard to obtain is quite difficult at this stage. So Remy made his Patreon hoping that, through the amazing support of his fans, he would be able to fund and provide the highest quality videos possible. Remy will be able to produce content at a faster rate while also improving upon the overall quality of the content itself. Any funds and support will not be taken lightly. He genuinely appreciates any help that people can afford to offer

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