Riana Dorsey

Riana Dorsey

Riana Dorsey is an award winning comic artist and illustrator currently residing in Los Angeles.  She’s the creator of the online graphic novel, Suihira: The City of Water, which won a StArt Faire’s Excellence in Webcomics Award… twice! She was nominated for the Will Eisner Comic Industry Russ Manning Promising Newcomer Award.

From Riana Dorsey’s Patreon intro

Hey there, everyone! I’m Riana Dorsey, and I’m a comic artist currently working for Hashtag Comics, but I also make a webcomic called Suihira: The city of Water!

Suihira is an ongoing, free-to-read, fantasy webcomic about a zealous princess going on a pilgrimage through the desert to find the goddess of water and herself. Along the way, she meets a host of curious characters and creatures that show her that she’s in for more than she expected!

It has been in the conceptual/writing stage since 2011 and pages have been published on a weekly basis since December 2014.

Although the comic is a labor of love, I’m a full-time comic artist and to find time to work on Suihira is rather challenging. In March and April of 2017, I had to cut my production efforts of Suihira in half to keep the lights on, so this comic really depends on your support to keep it going. Can’t draw comics in a dark house, am I right? Thanks to you patrons, production has returned to normal after the $1,000 goal as of January of 2019! 

Read more on Riana Dorsey’s Patreon.

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