Ryan & Krystle

Ryan & Krystle

Ryan & Krystle is working on a long-term webcomic project. After multiple mis-starts, side story projects, IRL injury recoveries, and dozens of rewrites, Mastery is finally underway. They are balancing this webcomic project with a day job and working as half of the husband/wife duo Manifested Dreams at anime conventions, so they won’t be able to offer much special content in return for your support. In time, they hope to add a weekly livestream where they’ll likely be working on either the comic itself, convention artwork, or digital commissions. They’ll be adding more rewards in as they get a feel for what it is that you, the viewer, want. This is a very hefty project. They have a ton of content to grind out for you all. They’re going into this expecting to make little or nothing off of it. For them, their story just really needs to be told. That said, the lofty ideal of being able to drop their day job and focus fully on bringing this expansive multiverse to you would be pretty sweet. Ultimately, what will make them the happiest is knowing that you’ll all fall just as hard for this cast as they have. They feel like most of the support they can hope to receive will be morale… and that’s fantastic. They wish they could offer more rewards for any generosity that you’d show them, but for right now it’s all they can do to get Sarah, Ash, Min Hua and Rei’s story to you in a timely manner.

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