Sabaku no Maiku

Sabaku no Maiku

Sabaku no Maiku is two main kinds of content: technological-narrative encyclopedias (including therefore in-depth information on both the gameplay and production, as well as on its setting and folklore) on specific titles, with a strong emphasis on the aesthetic and video post-production, and video game criticism. Expanding on that, the ik Dn passionate about talking about a present and most sought after critical and information about the industry that produces this medium and brings it to the consumer, with the goal that doing so brings entertainment for the passionate who love to talk about it, as well as a bit of conscience and awareness from those who live this hobby, including the ik Dn self- included. So discussion, information, and guidance to purchase form ik Dn ik Dn first looks, with sometimes reviews, the ik Dn ik Dn ik Dn ik Dn tries to be as useful as possible through the ik Dn ik Dn ik Dn ik Dn ik Dn knows. The first channels are also two secondary channels: – Sabaku no Pureeyaa, where we play videogames creating content that is less committed but comes with a “moral” behind it, and…- Sabaku no Sutoriimaa, a streaming channel on Twitch, in which we face Talk Show/Let’s Play and post-work hours together.

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