Samantha Johnson

Samantha Johnson

Samantha Johnson is a sanga artist. They were by trade a sketch card artist and fantasy art illustrator. They say were, they still are, but they’ve shifted their focus a little bit. They love old school anime and they are currently pouring a great deal of their heart into a Gatchaman Origins free to all fan made digital comic. It is a lot of work and they can’t make money off it because it is not their property. But it has re-kindled their creativity after some pretty severe burn out. To be completely honest, they just don’t feel like working on anything else. Drawing the Science Ninjas all day is straight up good for their soul. This project keeps them drawing, which is extremely important, and it is providing them with a great deal of practice and experience with sequential art. They have their own stories they’d eventually like to tell in this medium, but they’re not quite ready to dip their toes into that pool. Patreon is helping them buy time.

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