Samantha Mant

Samantha Mant

Samantha Mant is a Naturopath, Witch & intuitive healer, residing in North Queensland. They have over 20 years experience working in healthcare, & a lifetime journey navigating rheumatoid arthritis, which has left them passionate in empowering people of the ways they can live harmoniously with chronic illness, or indeed on any healing sojourn. Their goal is always to empower people with knowledge to trust their healing path, understanding that we are all of us healers.. which in turn can also lead you to the right support community, professional healers, medical practitioners, etc, that will speak to & for your needs. Returning to our innate knowing, intuitive insight, & connection to natures cycles, are the basis of what patrons can expect in this healing space. Powerfully holistic, trauma informed advocacy, space holding & witnessing, is what they’re bringing to the conversation of healing, spirituality, & healthcare.

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