Sarah Dahlinger

Illustration of a scary space monster that looks a little bit like an eel with wings, by Sarah Dahlinger

Sarah Dahlinger is an artist who draws and sculpts monsters and animals for books, games, and film. She’s also a scientific illustrator focused on vertebrate anatomy. She’s created art for ETLOK Studios, Cinemo Galactic, Paizo, Monte Cook Games, Centipede Press, Evil Hat Productions, the National Park Service, the Texas A&M University (for herpetology), and many more. Her book, Oceans Beyond Stars: Alien Sharks and More, is a story-filled artbook that follows six alien scientists as they explore the wonders of a creature-filled universe. Every chapter starts off with the story of an alien scientist who’s exploring life on a far-off planet. They will candidly tell the tales of their adventure first hand, always exploring creatures that are in some way connected, telling the story of predator and prey. Patreon patrons get exclusive merch, sneak peeks, access to voting, wallpapers, time lapse movies, their name in the book and lots more.

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