Sarah Nelson

Illustration by Sarah Nelson of a male vampire licking a flower causing some of the petals to fall off.

Sarah Nelson is a creator of comics, writing and drawing them herself. They’re often dramatic stories revolving around the scary, dark, or just plain weird, though she isn’t a stranger to drawing comedy and action as well. Her recent project is DANIEL, a free online graphic novel of the vampire-horror kind for mature audiences. DANIEL is set during the 1930s and follows the tale of Daniel Groth, a down-on-his-luck but good spirited gravedigger who disappears one day without a trace, leaving behind his best and only friend, Christine, with whom he was secretly in love. He returns months later to Christine’s house very much changed. Now a horrifying creature of the night, Daniel’s true personality is fading away, leaving only his unquenchable desire for blood.

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