Screenwriter Services

Screenwriter Services

Screenwriter Services is a boutique creative production agency owned by Keith & Juliana Payson. Keith is a producer and line producer, and a twenty-year member of the Directors Guild of America. When not under contract to a film in production Keith dedicates part of his time to working with a select group of screenwriters ready to benefit from his advice and mentorship. Keith’s methods are designed to bring focus and clarity to a confusing and complex industry and to provide guidance to individual screenwriters when selling or optioning their scripts. Keiths ability to breakdown complex problems into a series of simple strategic concepts allows his clients to increase their ability and likelihood to overcome the obstacles holding them back and embrace custom strategies greatly enhancing their ability to advance their career and profit from the labors. The balance of Keith’s time is spent developing his own film projects as a producer and director. Juliana Payson is an aerospace engineer and marketing consultant with many years of experience in pitching innovation technology within the global OEM business development sphere. Her expertise in product presentation and pitching is instrumental to the screenwriter program providing clarity to clients regarding the techniques required to either pitch their screenplays and themselves to agents and managers when seeking representation and/or to producers and film acquisition executives when selling or seeking co-production funding. Juliana is also an avant-garde filmmaker and a renowned artist working in various media creating key production art, cover art, and investor promotional videos that expands the fundamental script package from logline, synopsis, and script to a more powerful visual presentation prepares and positions the buyer to better receive the written material they are about to read. The screenwriter program Keith and Juliana have designed is a subscription-based service offering tutorials, group Q/A workshops, and 1-on-1 consultation. Programs are offered at four price points to accommodate entry, mid-level and advanced screenwriters.

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