Shahid Buttar

Shahid Buttar

Shahid Buttar is a cultural revolutionary bringing social and political consciousness to the dance floor and the funk and flavor from the counterculture to progressive politics. Their performances have taken them from music festivals in the forest to the foot of the Washington Monument across the street from the White House, from Occupy the Farm and Critical Mass to camps and art cars across Black Rock City, and to clubs in cities from coast-to-coast, in between, and abroad. Their original tracks riff on issues from climate change & militarism to mass surveillance & corruption, from police violence around the world to the plight of military families contending with the costs of war endured even by the supposed victors. Finally, their poetry depicts issues from CIA torture crimes to the serendipity of modern technology enabling running in a snowstorm, from meditation to mourning, and from the beauty of discovering community among strangers to simple gratitude for their blessings. That gratitude fuels their life and work. It’s because they feel so grateful for their various privileges that they dedicate their time and talent to promoting justice, and because they’ve felt so liberated by music that they can’t keep it to themselves. Thanks for helping support their voice!

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