Shake Them Ropes

Shake Them Ropes

Shake Them Ropes is doing a weekly podcast as part of the Voices of Wrestling Network. This patreon is basically a “tip jar” as they transition into a new team and new shows. Basically, they’re not going to put anything behind a paywall (yet) but they are looking to do two shows a week: one covering Raw and Smackdown, one covering the Wednesday night shows, flashback shows, stuff Chris or Rob or Jeff or a guest wish to talk about. Chris is a bit of an audiophile and editing shows is not fun. They’re not opposed to freeloaders, they’re also not opposed to having an eccentric billionaire throw a wad of cash at them. Jeff’s dream, as he often states is “to be bought out….to have someone come to me and ask how much money would it take for you to stop doing whatever it is you think you do.”

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