Sheree Mack

Sheree Mack

Sheree Mack is a Creatrix with a practice that manifests through poetry, storytelling, image and the unfolding histories of black people. Her practice includes abstract painting, photography and the magic of visual journaling which incorporates paints, images, words, collages, quotes, photography, heart and soul and self-compassion. She’s also the creator and host of The Earth Sea Live Podcast, created to showcase the stories of women, feminine and non-binary people who are Black, Indigenous or a Person of Colour and their relationship with nature. She shares her journey and creative practice to inspire you to start or deepen yours. Nominated for Best of the Net 2019 by the editor of Nine Muses Poetry, Sheree’s poems have appeared in anthologies published by Peepal Tree Press and Bloodaxe Books and part of the Rain of Poems over London, Poetry Parnassus, 2012. She’s had a number of chapbooks published as well as two full collections of poetry, with Flambard Press and Smokestack Books as well as a creative non-fiction novella with Ruby Wolf Press. She’s received an ACE Spotlight Award, an ACE International Travel Award as well as the Jessie Kesson Fellowship from Moniack Mhor, Scotland. She has a PhD in Creative Writing from Newcastle University focusing on Black British women poets.

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