Sologne Angelique – Screenwriter and CEO

Sologne Angelique - Screenwriter and CEO

Solologne Angelique is a screenwriter and CEO. They have taken the skills that they learned from their English degree, Creative Writing minor and Master’s in Theatre in order to create interesting and compelling stories. They’re currently working on a few TV pilot screenplays. In 2021, they entered the Finish Line script competition, the Script Pipeline TV competition and applied for the Walt Disney/ABC TV writers program. If they win or place in any of these competitions, they can win introductions to executives, agents and producers in the entertainment industry and jumpstart their writing career. If they are accepted into the Disney program, they will have a mentorship from working screenwriters and the chance to staff on an ABC/Disney owned show (This includes Hulu, FX, ABC, EPIX and many more). In August 2021, they founded Sologne Angelique Productions LLC. Their mission is to amplify the voices of historically excluded writers through original and adapted TV and Film productions.

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