spirit grove healing cooperative

spirit grove healing cooperative

spirit grove healing cooperative is a collective of Black women intuitives based in New Orleans who are committed to healing ourselves, our community and the earth. They have gathered to be your spiritual support team knowing that in this time of on-going crisis in our world their spiritual care is vital to serving, our personal and collective movements. They offer services including support of spirit-forward organizations and businesses to hold space, ground and clear during events and convenings. Shapers of Spirit Grove also offer services for individuals including ancestral readings, astrology, body work, crown care, health assessments, reiki and spiritual crisis support. They are Earth stewards working with the guidance and in the lineage of their teachers, Dr. G. Love & Nana Sakara Kemilla and alongside warrior healers working to support the people in the U.S. and global South. They value life. They prioritize care for melanated women, femmes, GNC, and NB folks living, surviving and thriving in the U.S.

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