Stephen Beechen

Stephen Beechen

Stephen Beechen is Steve on Home Assistant Google Drive Backup. They’re probably here because you want to support the server costs of the project, which are about $3.50/day (USD). At least they usually do. Sometimes it goes to Chipotle burrito bowls. Sometimes it goes to gifts (bribes) for the author’s wife so they can keep writing code. It’s all part of the magic behind the scenes that keeps this adventure going. People like you clicking that link you just clicked and reading that sentence you just read are the only thing keeping this project in motion. So why don’t you just click that next button? Did the project bring you peace of mind? Is that worth $1, maybe $5? Was it easy to install and set up? Writing Quality code takes a lot of time. You can’t really put a price on peace of mind. The spouse wouldn’t like it if the reader closed the page now. They don’t want to disappoint the spouse. They can be scary when they think the reader is using their time poorly.

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