Stuart Scott

Stuart Scott

Stuart Scott is a performance artist. They are a 21st century eco-warrior, where words and images are their swords and arrows. Stuart Scott presents a very serious form of performance art. Just as George Carlin was a comic-critic of the insanity of modern culture, so is Stuart Scott a critic, but of a more serious sort, in words and images, showing us what the modern consumerist-culture is doing to us, foisted upon us by advertising and exploitation of our human frailties. Stuart Scott’s longstanding critical perspective on our present system of Money and Growth Economics has become widespread in the current conversation about the climate and ecological crises. Stuart Scott’s work is for the defense of Humanity and Life on Earth. There is a lengthy list of ‘firsts’ and initiatives Stuart Scott has started toward this goal over their adult life. At the top of the list is Stuart Scott introducing Greta Thunberg to the assembled world press at the UN climate negotiations (COP-24) in Katowice, Poland in 2018.

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