Stumpt is four nerds who decided back in 2014 to turn their weekly board game night (hosted in each others living rooms) into what they are today–still four nerds, whove grown from scrappy lets-players huddled around a single microphone, to fledgling filmmakers and video editors. While well never stop posting lets-play videos to their YouTube channel, were ready to take their content to the next level. 2018 has already heralded a lot of exciting news for Stumpt. Thanks to their loyal fans, they’ve managed to amass a catalog of over 3000 videos; nearly 275,000 YouTube subscribers; and a growing count of Twitch followers and subscribers. Most importantly, they’ve moved out of Ash and Jasmine’s basement to recording in their very own studio space! Utilizing their fancy new studio, they’re excited to create new original gaming content for the Stumpt community. What can I expect? Lots of cool stuff! Supporters will have exclusive blog posts, monthly stickers/postcards, T-shirts, and exclusive episodes! Be sure to read the reward tiers to see which tier gets what.

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