Sword & Board

Illustration from the fantasy novel series Gods Chronicle. Several people on foot and horseback approach a gated Middle-eastern looking city in the distance.

Sword & Board LLC is an IP management and content creation company. Its mission is to support and create new, inclusive intellectual property for use in media, primarily novelization and gamification. They believe in diverse, independent storytelling and providing a means for publishing that may not otherwise be available to creators. They believe that it’s their responsibility to “Do No Harm” with the stories they tell. But that doesn’t stop them from showcasing difficult or challenging stories in a well-researched way that encourages meaningful discussion. Their current main project is The Gods Chronicle, a series set in a world inspired by Middle Eastern, African, and Asian influences. It reaches beyond the Euro-centric model of western fantasy classics. If you’re a fan of Game of Thrones, the Daevabad Trilogy, or The Poppy War trilogy, you’ll enjoy The Gods Chronicle. Currently, book 1 The Dying Sun is available in both hardcover and ebook editions.

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