Synchronicity Media

Synchronicity Media

Synchronicity Media is Al Fukalek and Shawn Gustafson. They create The Specialists, a comic about an alternate-history WWII in which the Nazis develop superhuman bermenschen, and are winning the war. The Allies respond by harnessing the power of the atom to create their own super-soldiers. Circumstances have forced them to bring in external help from talented artists to complete each page. They can afford to make one page a month, currently, but they’d love to be able to do more, and that’s where Patreon comes in. People who support Synchronicity Media on Patreon get a peek behind-the-scenes in their Activity Feed, early access to comic pages, free PDFs, original prose vignettes, and more. As Synchronicity Media meets their milestones, they offer more frequent page updates. Synchronicity Media is committed to producing The Specialists while keeping up a weekly posting schedule. By becoming a patron, you’re enabling them to spend more time on the comic so that they can produce more frequent page updates.

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