Tabletop Audio

Tabletop Audio

Tabletop Audio is a website for players and GMs of tabletop (i.e. pen and paper) role-playing games who wish to add an audio dimension to their game sessions. On the main page, you will find dozens of 10-minute, situational audio files called ambiences. While this site was originally intended as a resource for players and GMs of tabletop role-playing games, I have received so many emails from other types of users that I felt it was time to refine this section. According to you all, Tabletop Audio is for: Role-players, boardgamers, writers, coders, artists, graphic designers, teachers, house-cleaners, lucid dreamers, gym-rats, distance runners, commuters and ANYONE who wants to immerse themselves in the audio-space of one environment, while physically inhabiting another. Many players and GMs already use miniatures and terrain to augment their sense of immersion while they game, adding audio ambiences takes this to the next level. Even if you are running a ‘theater of the mind’ style game, the addition of audio can really make a lot of difference. Seriously. Ask my kids.

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