Techgage launched in March 2005 with the lofty goal of becoming an advocate for the tech consumer. Their core focus has always been with PC hardware and gaming, but they’ve expanded over the years to cover workstations, servers, software (including Linux!) and anything else relevant. They built Techgage on the principle of being transparent. They’re always eager to hear feedback, as it helps them improve what they do. They care a lot about research, education, and investigation. This of course takes a lot of time, energy, and resources that rarely see a return on investment. They’ve nonetheless felt that it is critical to the industry, which includes the myriad communities that revolve around the hardware, software, and games they go hands-on with. Techgage was born a written website, which will continue to exist for as long as the people behind it do. They’ve gradually expanded to video, introducing their content to a new audience. In addition to in-depth product reviews, they also regularly produce guides, how-tos, and deep-dives of specific applications. Some more examples: An In-depth Look At Blender 2.80 (Beta) Viewport & Rendering Performance Exploring Performance With Autodesks Arnold Renderer GPU Beta A Look At Phase Ones Capture One GPU Performance The Techgage crew regularly attends trade shows such as CES, Computex, SIGGRAPH, and NVIDIA’s GTC, and they have plans to expand their coverage of those to their YouTube channel in the near future. As a Patron, your support will allow them to continue their work with less worry of dwindling advertising revenue or having to play the “SEO game”. They’ll cover more subjects, and produce content with more regularity. As they’re breaking ground on Patreon, they do not have full-featured tiers figured out yet, but those will come. In the meantime, thanks in advance for all of your support!

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