TEUTONIC [Official]

TEUTONIC [Official]

TEUTONIC [Official] is a European community that focuses on dinosaur games. High-End dedicated servers, located in Germany for best possible ping in most of EU. Primarily focusing on the game “The Isle” , but includes Beasts of Bermuda and Path of Titans. A fast growing community, that offers altered gameplay experiences, events and most of all, FUN. They offer a rule server with over 20.000 members on Discord. They have a Dino shop system. Buy dinosaurs and play them on the servers (without real money, coin system) They have a full automatically bot system includes: Character slots, Earn coins while playing on the server, dino requests, auto unstuck and more! They have professional discord with experienced staff, Ranks and social focus. They offer rules and low rules servers, for any desired gameplay experience

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