The Frogman

The Frogman

The Frogman is asking themselves what they can do for a Patreon. The truth is, not much. Their health is not great. The person asking doesn’t even know if this is a good idea, but people have told them they should absolutely do this. So the person puts on their thinking cap for things they could create even with their health as bad as it is. First, a comic with their good friend Chris Gugliotti. It is a buddy comic of Chris and them going on time traveling adventures in a porta-potty turned time machine. It’s called CRAPPRnauts. Second, they’re going to be writing essays on their writing blog Sir Frogsworth. They typically write long form essays about various topics that they have researched into oblivion. They give their perspective on important issues, movies, television, or just whatever floats their boat. They do their best to make their essays interesting and not a waste of time to read. If nothing else, you’ll hopefully learn a few things you hadn’t already known. For instance, do you know why the early cosmonauts brought shotguns with them into space? On the way back down to earth, their pod could go wildly off course and end them up in Siberia. And Siberia is full of angry Russian bears. Cosmonauts would have to fend off the angry bears until they were found. Or they were blasting aliens in space. Probably the bear thing. What will your money be going towards? Paying Chris for artwork. Helping them with their personal expenses so that they can continue to pay for food and medical bills. That’s the deal. The person knows it isn’t much, but unless they get better, it is all they can offer at this time. If you feel like that is worthy of your investment, they truly thank you. Here is a picture of puppy Otis just because.

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