The Sixsters

Photo of the six members of all-girl Ukrainian rock band, the Sixsters, silhouetted by a setting sun behind them.

The Sixsters are six talented award-winning kids from Ukraine who love to play rock. The all girl band was founded in the spring of 2018. “The Sixsters” means “Six sisters” inspired by the fact that the six girls have become like sisters due to their love to music. Unlike other teenagers’ bands which are usually focused on pop music or rap, The Sixsters professionally perform energetic and catchy rock. As of 2022, the youngest bandmate is nine years old and the oldest one is 14. The girls in the band have played musical instruments or sung for several years, participated in TV shows and theater productions, and been winners of local and international contests and festivals. Several songs are written by the band members. The arrangement of songs they do mainly themselves, as well.

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