The TDP Videocasts Community

The TDP Videocasts Community

The TDP Videocasts Community is the public YouTube channel of an independent broadcasting company. They are offering a place where you can learn about what many people have through the centuries viewed as “forbidden” knowledge. The way they present this is not just in the context of what happened in ancient times (with many different cultures) but in the context of our modern day where the transcendent principles of these teachings can be brought to bear in a positive and powerful way to improve our lives. The word “occult” actually means “secret” as what is involved in the teachings of the occult have been “demonized” by religious and secular institutions through the ages that felt threatened by the freedom and self empowerment that these teachings bring if embraced with self-discipline. The transcendent principles of truly deep occult teachings are beyond the concepts of “good” and “evil”, rather they bring to actualization the full spectrum of consciousness within us. Our premier YouTube channel features presentations like these by various independent authors and in-house “teacher” personalities. Subscribers to the channel can also access exclusive content that is a cut above the “basics” of various spiritual traditions.

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