The Warning

Publicity photo of all female hard rock band, The Warning.

The Warning is a hard rock band from Monterrey, Mexico. The trio of sisters – Daniela “Dany“ , Paulina “Pau” and Alejandra “Ale” Villarreal – erupt with mind-blowing riffs, unpredictable, stadium-filling rhythms and infectious vocals. After exploding online with viral moment after viral moment, The Warning have used that momentum for a series of independent releases, including the Escape the Mind EP [2015], XXI Century Blood [2017] and Queen of the Murder Scene [2018]. After quietly amassing over 120 million YouTube views and 10 million streams, they’ve already burst into the limelight of the hard rock world with their debut single “CHOKE” on LAVA Records in 2021, which reached over 4.1 million streams upon its release, followed by five more singles and a collabaration with Alessia Cara for Metallica’s “The Metallica Blacklist“ album. Their third album called “ERROR” was released in June 2022.

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