TheOwlCast is creating various kinds of media for entertainment, such as, gaming footage on youtube and Twitch Tv, gaming footage of Arcades in Japan, pictures of Japanese gaming conventions, videos of cosplay events in Japan as well as band music. They aim to bring the best quality and most enjoyable material to their audience as possible. It has always been their dream to be able to provide entertainment and informative content. By supporting this project, you can help do so. TheOwlCast showcases various games as well as Japanese with live translation. They also record footage of news and anything gaming related in Japan. Whether its information from magazines, photos of material concerning games, gaming conventions and gaming centers in Japan. Music with their band “Coast to Coast” is another thing they do in Japan. All the most they make can be used by other streamers on their cast. What they will see more of in the future Japanese releases and exclusive games early footage with live translation More play throughs of games on their twitch stream and YouTube Gaming testing and reviews Compilation videos of video games on various platforms Videos and pictures of Japanese Cosplay Footage of gaming centers in Japan and arcade games More music from their band Coast to Coast Community events, gaming and social interaction.

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