Titanic: Honor and Glory

Titanic: Honor and Glory

Titanic: Honor and Glory is a PC game set aboard a fully detailed & accurate recreation of the RMS Titanic using Unreal Engine 4. Titanic: Honor and Glory is aiming to re-create the entire Titanic inside and out, from the hull and promenades to every saloon, boiler room, and cabin. The ship will be fully explorable in a rich and detailed 3D environment with the highest level of accuracy yet achieved with Titanic. They also aim to recreate the voyage and sinking, allowing the player to experience the history of Titanic in first person. The creative team is passionate about Titanic and her history, have put in years of work to bring Titanic to life, and work primarily for free in their spare time. They are creating this with the blessing of survivor descendants and the assistance and approval of the world’s leading Titanic researchers.

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