Twin Sun Film Foundation

Twin Sun Film Foundation

Twin Sun Film Foundation is two filmmakers out of Vancouver, B.C. who share a passion for Star Wars. In 2018 they created Bucketheads, an award-winning Star Wars Fan Film that you can watch right now. Due to its success, they’re making a whole Bucketheads series that follows Nova Squad during the final days of the Empire leading up to the battle of Jakku. The series will feature five 20-30 minute episodes chronicling their original story as it unfolds during one of the most interesting backdrops in all of Star Wars. They’re attempting what hasn’t been done before successfully, to humanize the Stormtroopers and bring to life the Empire’s most recognizable force. During the Galactic Civil War era men and women of the Empire were recruited to fill out the ranks, and their story examines the individuals of Nova Squad as human beings rather than mindless evil drones. Most everyone working on this project is a film industry professional and does so as a volunteer for the love of Star Wars.

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@bucketheadsfilm Andrew Donatelli shows off KR-8, and original droid built for Bucketheads 🤖🚀#StarWars #fyp #foryou #trending #stormtrooper #droid ♬ Star Wars (the Force Theme) – Less Gravity
@bucketheadsfilm Huge shoutout to all our supporters for these amazing reviews on Ep. 1!!! 🚀–#StarWars #fyp #foryou #film #trending ♬ original sound – BucketheadsFilm
@bucketheadsfilm #Bucketheads -Season 1 Trailer OUT NOW! Click the links in our bio to watch on Youtube and support us! Episode 1 coming on May 12th. #starwarsday ♬ original sound – BucketheadsFilm
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