Women At Warp

Women At Warp - illustration of the hosts of the podcast Women At Warp, Star Trek style.

Women at Warp is a groundbreaking bi-weekly podcast committed to examining Star Trek from a feminist perspective, exploring Intersectional Diversity in Infinite Combinations with a rotating crew of seven hosts: Aliza Pearl, Andi, Grace Moore, Jarrah Hodge, Kennedy Allen, Sarah Gulde and Sue. Tune in for everything from episode and character analysis to history of women behind the scenes and in fan culture to discussion of larger themes and messages throughout the franchise. They also host a book club. Women at Warp also hosts the (virtual) IDIC Podcast Festival, a weekend-long virtual event honoring the Star Trek principle of Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations (IDIC) by celebrating and amplifying the diverse voices of the fandom through a series of live podcasts.

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