Wonderland is Greg Cook. They have started an online magazine of arts and cultures. We all know arts coverage is shrinking around here. The Boston Globe continues to cut. The Boston Herald has declared bankruptcy. The Boston Phoenix and Providence Phoenix are gone. Take magazine just announced that its shutting down. With the loss of arts coverage, we’ve all felt our creative community shrink in some way tooa loss of a place to share new ideas, to discuss and debate them, to get inspired. So they’re asking your help in supporting Wonderland, their new online magazine. It already offers new arts coverage nearly every weekday- reports, interviews, photography much of it coverage you’ll see nowhere else. Plus there’s a Wonderland newsletter and social media. At heart, Wonderland is rooted in sharing and supporting art-making by people here. Its local arts journalism as creative placemaking, journalism that works to foster a more exciting creative community here. The challenge for sustaining arts journalism isnt a lack of interest in coverage, but that the financial model that had long supported journalism has fatally broken down. So together they need to pioneer a new approach in which you, the amazing and generous audience, contribute financially to support this cultural coverage that our community so needs. As thanks, you’ll personally receive rewards (look here under rewards). And you’ll be helping to sustain Wonderlands online magazine, the weekly email newsletter, social media, and other shenanigans. If we all chip in a little, together we can make something big and wondrous. Greg Cook, founderWonderlanda magazine of arts and cultures ####\n

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