Ana Mardoll

Ana Mardoll's profile header which is a gold background featuring the words: "queer. magic. kissing."

Ana Mardoll is a writer, known for the Earthside book series (modern paranormal-romance books set in Texas) and Rewoven Tales, as well as many published short stories and xer Ramblings blog, Shakesville piecesTwitter rants, Furiosa review on The Mary Sue, or “that one Ross Geller post I wrote which went briefly internet-viral.” Mardoll is a a self-described “fat, physically disabled, mentally ill, nonbinary transgender bisexual.” The Ramblings blog is progressive feminist blog about books, movies, pop culture, and their intersection with social justice such as literary deconstructions of Twilight, Narnia, Wrinkle in Time, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Xer Patreon features monthly new short stories, WIP previews, and tiers for ebooks, audiobooks, and signed paperbacks.

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