Arielle Dundas

Arielle Dundas

Arielle Dundas is a stunningly talented performer, at least that’s what they’ve written in this bio, but you’ve probably never heard of them. Actually, if you’re reading this you’re probably one of their friends or family member so you probably have heard of them. In the before times, they performed for small audiences in London, New York, Washington DC, Amsterdam, Kuala Lumpur and a whole lot of Dutch towns you’ve never heard of. They had two one person shows at the Edinburgh festival “Moppet of Chaos” and “Vulva Cupcake.” One was in an attic, the other in a basement. More recently they’ve used their newly found free time to build their social media “empire”. On Instagram they mastered the art of the meta-selfie, that’s when you take a selfie but you pretend you’re critiquing the concept of the selfie. On twitter their jokes and political insights have earned them 1,756 followers. They’re very grateful for them, but if you know exactly how many twitter followers you have that’s not a great sign. They’d like to create more stuff with your help. #\n##

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