Arrow of Light Healing

Arrow of Light Healing

Arrow of Light Healing is Jen Huber and India Leigh, who came together as spirit intuitives on the path of expanding more fully into their gifts and connecting more deeply within through their work. As a coaching and guidance team, they help those with whom they connect move through fear/energetic blocks into clearing, healing and alignment on the continuing journey into spiritual expansion and deeper connection. Their guidance covers everything from spirit guides and energetic blocks to care and healing guidance for the body and mind. India helps others in clearly understanding the messages being sent by their spirit guides, as well as connecting more deeply with their own divine inner guidance on a daily basis. She also empowers those with whom she works to come into more connection with their own divine energy and inner creative power, aligning their energy, thoughts, words, and actions with their greatest good and highest purpose. The contrasting yin/yang of gifts, abilities, perspectives and experience Jen and India each bring to their work together as coaches enables them to give those with whom they work a broad, balanced and complete spectrum of wisdom and tools to take into the next steps on the path into more growth and deeper connection.

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