Braythe – Shattered Realities

Illustration of a fantasy map from Braythe - Shattered Realities campaign

Braythe – Shattered Realities is an RPG 5e campaign setting, adventures, maps and more created by Heiner de Wendt. de Wendt is a writer, forever game master, world builder and map maker. Here’s the creator’s description: “Experience roleplaying adventures in a unique and amazing setting, where supernatural world-islands drift through a magical void. Isolated yet interconnected, every such realm is a small campaign setting of its own, but can also easily adapted to be used as a region or demiplane in other campaign worlds.” According to de Wendt, “…Braythe has an overarching theme – ‘from surviving to thriving.’ Despite all conflicts and problems and traumatic experiences of the inhabitants of Braythe, the setting’s theme is deeply optimistic – but also deeply psychological.”

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