Cardboard Crack

Cardboard Crack

Cardboard Crack is a comic dedicated to the worlds most addictive game, Magic: The Gathering. They’ve been a long time player of Magic, basically since the release of Ice Age. They started Cardboard Crack in March 2013 as a way to give something back to this game that they love. Since then, they have posted well over a thousand comics online and published eight books. For just a small pledge each month, your donation allows them to keep making these comics that they love to draw. In return, patrons can get a variety of exclusive content. This includes early access to comics or seeing comics that are not available other places online. They’ll get a behind the scenes look at their process, photos and discussions of their favorite Magic decks and cards, and even special deals on Cardboard Crack merchandise. At the highest tiers, they will receive an exclusive playmat each month that is not available anywhere else but on this site. So please consider joining this community and help keep Cardboard Crack going. Thanks!

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